Are you sabotaging your weight loss?

We can be pretty darn nasty to ourselves. This becomes especially clear when on a weight-loss journey that isn’t going according to plan. Here are some ways to start being kinder to yourself …

Move on

There comes a point in your life where you need to let go of what you were and start focusing on where you are. Posting a picture of yourself when you were younger, thinner, more toned, etc., will do little more than bring you down. Even when you lose the weight, you aren’t that person anymore so you need to stop comparing yourself to teenage you.

Instead, keep recent pictures around where you look really good. You don’t have to be ultra-thin, but looking ultra-happy will make you feel happier. Feeling good about what you see in the mirror or on Facebook motivates you to take care of yourself and be nicer to yourself.

Clothing clean-out

You know those jeans that you’ve been holding onto for years? The ones that haven’t fit you since the ’90s? You should donate those to someone who needs them a little bit more than you do.

I get it, I’ve used clothes as an end goal before too, but it doesn’t work out in the end. Instead, cleaning out your wardrobe of the clothes that no longer fit can be a therapeutic experience.

Give yourself a fresh start by clearing out the clothes that are too big or too small for you, get rid of the clothes that don’t fit or flatter you at all. Someone else is going to appreciate your pre-loved wardrobe and it clears up some space for you to go out and buy a few outfits that look amazing on you.

Become obsessed

The internet is full of success stories that will create a lump in your throat and keep your motivation levels sky high. Go out and find the men and women who have done incredibly inspiring things in their lives when it came to weight loss. These are the people who you should be seeing on your newsfeed and in your inbox.

Find bloggers, athletes and personalities who have overcome obstacles which will just inspire you to keep pushing yourself.

Good luck.

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Until next time.



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