Fit Kidd iJump Adventures

I’m pretty certain that you’ve come across the iJump revolution that is the leading reason for so many pairs of those yellow socks in your home. Our home hasn’t been spared and I’m pretty pleased about it.Every now and then, I’m not working like a mad person and take Riley on adventures that I really wanted to go on. I have zero shame in admitting that I don’t mind if people think I’m mad for jumping on trampolines with more glee than most toddlers. Plus, Riley has fun too and I love making that kid happy.

cofWe went to the Clearwater iJump that’s located behind the Makro on Hendrik Potgieter, it is recommended that you pre-book your spot so that you can sign in and start the most fun you can have doing cardio (yes, I snuck a fitness related something in here… obvs). The convenience of doing that is great, BUT if you aren’t aware of the pre-book business can be a frustration. That being said, the only time that we didn’t pre-book, it did go smoothly.

We got our lumo yellow socks and started the nervous wait before our hour began. I have to give huge credit to the staff who let me keep my handbag behind their counter so that I could jump too. I mean, I had to… I’m a Kidd after all!

If you want an indication of how unfit you are, try keeping up with jumping for an hour. Turns out that Riley and I were both pretty awful at maintaining a steady jump and I was the only mom out on the trampolines.

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We kind of ended up doing our own thing for a few rounds. Riley was into the dodge ball, which is great because he got to have a blast with a bunch of other kids. I wandered off to a quiet spot where I could pretend I was cool/lame enough to be there on my own until Riley took pity on me and came back.

btyWhile there is a restaurant on the premises, we didn’t eat there. The prices do seem reasonable though for food and I’m certain that it’s delicious too. But, the only way to truly experience what I mean is to book your hour session at iJUMP for yourself.

I promise that it is worth every penny.

Have fun activities you think I’d love too? Please share them with me in the comments below!

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