Cradle of Life Adventures

We’ve been catching up on some serious family time and being tourists in our own backyard. It’s taken some time but we finally made our way to Maropeng to explore our origins and it was incredible.

It’s definitely saying something when your 10-year-old asks when you can go back to a museum because it was so fun. I get that Riley isn’t like typical kids, but there is a level of awesome when he’s so interested in fossils and human origins that he can’t wait to learn more. This is exactly the effect that the Maropeng Museum had on our son.


As you walk into the impressive building that is cleverly designed to look like a grassy hill, you go down a flight of stairs toward the main exhibition. This part was my favourite because you climb onto a boat that leads you through the ages… literally. You go through a black hole, to the ice age and even watch the tectonic plates shift. It’s fascinating and way more fun than you’d think. I was seriously bummed that we couldn’t go again.

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The exhibition is not only informative, but incredibly fun as well. It is interactive which appeals to kids and their parents as well. I loved how much there was to do when we walked past the impressive earth exhibit. I don’t want to give too much away because I really feel like it is imperative that everyone go. It is also relatively cost effective and when combined with the Sterkfontein Caves tour, gives you a solid day out for the whole family.

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We’re going again, Riley insists on it. I’m pretty excited too because I’m sure there are tons of snippets we’ve missed on our first go. The Maropeng Visitor Centre is open to the public from 09h00 to 17h00 every day. The last boat ride departs at 16h00. Adults tickets are R120 and kids tickets are R65.

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