Review – Boot Space and Inclines

I’m car shopping. I’ve had my little Lenore for 6 years already and she’s served me well, but I’m ready for a grown up car now.  Not that the Chev isn’t a grown up car, I’ve just outgrown her. Now before I dive in, you should know that I am not a motoring blogger or this isn’t sponsored. I’m a stickler for research, so I’ll be test driving the ish out of most mid range cars that catch my fancy. I’ll be totally honest with you and tell you that this sudden need to upgrade my wheels is all Volkswagen’s fault.

A while back, I had a little accident in my car which ended up being bad enough to be at the panel beaters for near on a month. While she was being fixed up, I had the use of a rental car that I secretly hoped I wouldn’t get. That was until I sat behind the wheel of it.


I was sent the 2017 Volkswagen Polo Vivo GP 1.4. I was terrified of this car simply because of the high risk associated with VW, and you can’t blame a paranoid girl for being more paranoid, right? Nevertheless, it was me and the silver Vivo for the next 20 odd days so I made the most of her.

The first thing I noticed was the spacious and surprisingly functional interior. I always have my water with me, so I need somewhere to put my sippy cup. The VW doesn’t disappoint for cup holders, extra compartments and comfortable interior features.  I really liked all the space to store the bits you carry around (like snack wrappers you don’t want your kids to find). Without being clunky and bulky either, these compartments serve a purpose and that’s a definite plus for me.

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I have to talk about the clutch control on this little baby. I live where the hills have hills and I travel a lot for my day job, so I need a comfortable drive and engine with kick.  Now, I’m sure that there are super technical specs to describe the engine, but for the sake of this post I’m going to go with efficient. The fuel efficiency was impressive. I used a tank and a half of petrol over the 3 week period, driving to and from Sandton and Sunninghill from the West Rand. During peak hour traffic too!


The next best bit of this little machine is her spacious boot(y). Any fit girl knows that there are bags upon bags that you cart with you on a daily basis. Plus, when you add kids to that mix you know you need an impressive boot. Well, VW must be designed by moms because they don’t disappoint. And if you need gadgets, you have a super fancy key button to press that made me feel ultra cool. It’s the little things (except when it comes to boot size).


I mean, just look at all of that space! So, in a nutshell the Polo Vivo is a stunning little city car that would be ideal for fit girls, moms on the run and everything in between. She handles like a charm, it is relatively simple to find spare parts if need be and it’s affordable. For an entry level car, you get all the bells and whistles for a starting price of R 173,800.00. Not bad going for German engineering.

I’m on social media here and here, stick around if you want to find out which car I end up buying.

Until next time.




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