Spoiler Alert: You don’t have to love your body all the time

I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t love what my momma gave me all the time, and that’s 100% okay! You don’t have to love your body all the time either, and here is why.


As I type this post up, I’m having a serious love/hate situation going with my body. While I am constantly amazed by the incredible feats that it is capable of, I still feel really betrayed by my body. This betrayal is so much worse when it decides to hold on to stress fat and demand that I eat an entire box of Oreos (in an afternoon).

I’ve been thinking about what I could do to love my body all the time, but it’s a tough one. I figure that like any relationship, there will be ups and downs. Who could possibly love absolutely everything about themselves all of the time? I recently discovered that my laugh lines are really more eagle talons and that anti-aging cream is so damn expensive. But, this body is also capable of doing skull crushers with a 15kg barbell.

This body has always been good to me, and I fear that I’m a little harder on her than I need to be. That’s why I’m okay with the fact that I don’t always love her the way I should, and that’s totally fine too. You see, loving yourself unconditionally is hard. Plus, what kind of person would you be anyway? Knowing that you’re perfectly flawed and that you’re okay with not loving those flaws all of the time makes you human, not broken.

Just because you can’t bring yourself to adore your muffin top, stretch mark stained thighs and eagle talons on your face, doesn’t mean you don’t love who you are. I’ve worked really hard on loving me, so I’m allowed a little slack on those moments when I just don’t want to. It’s easy to copy and paste some BS list on why self-love is life, but following those little tips is a totally different story, amirite?

The only real self-help you need is knowing that you are perfectly flawed, you have rolls and that cellulite is genetic and not dictated by what the scale reflects. Stretch marks happen and sometimes they don’t. Sometimes you get fat, and sometimes you lose weight. Most of the time you’ll be unhappy with the skin you are in, and you aren’t Gal Gadot, so stop envying her body. Yours is perfect for you. You are perfectly you. There is no one else who could do you the way you do.

Moral of this story? You can’t possibly love yourself all the time, but don’t beat yourself up about it either.

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