Millennials, entitlement and avo toast

I recently discovered that I am actually a millennial. I kind of thought that I was too old to be a Millennial, but that’s probably because I have a 10-year-old son and 41-year-old husband.

I’ve been 30-years-old since 2016, I refuse to acknowledge that I’ve slipped over the edge of 30 and am spiralling down toward middle age. It’s scary, I’m not ready for being old yet – I certainly don’t feel like I’m old. I’ll level with you, I’m clutching on to my youth by my fingernails right now. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for responsibility – I had my son at 20, I know responsibility.

Being painted with the Millennial brush isn’t too hard for me to fathom, after all, I have tattoos, form part of an ironic subculture and am really, REALLY into social media. I’m so into social media that I’m crafting a career out of it. I’m also being painted with the entitled, ungrateful and avocado toast eating brush too, but this is by Generation Complain. Every so often, we see videos on calling out Millennials, belittling our apparent love of avo toast over economic instability and how we’re super entitled.

Like super entitled and super opinionated.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t feel super entitled. In fact, I feel like I have to work twice as hard to be taken half as seriously. But, I do feel like our generation is allowed to be entitled and we’re allowed to express it! We’re picking up the pieces of those who came before us and don’t even pretend like you don’t know what I’m talking about either.

Being the bulk of the current entry and mid-level workforce who are floundering around in an unstable economy that’s seen more recessions in recent years that anything else, can we be blamed for being wary of purchasing housing?  The older generation is grinding the youth for being unemployed or not spending enough money when we have graduates begging for work on the side of the damn road. The older generation claim that this generation is lazy, entitled and opinionated but can’t the same be said about Afrikaans men in the Apartheid era?

Wasn’t it a piece of piss to get a job if your Oom could pull strings? Providing you weren’t a woman, right? Your place would be in the kitchen – and don’t you forget it. Yes, I’m hella opinionated and I have a platform to express those views, the internet allows opinions to be shared (although sometimes they really shouldn’t), debates entered into and Instagram posts to be lit. Yes, I used the word lit in a sentence.

This whole generational mudslinging contest is shit because didn’t the previous generation have the same gripe with those who came before them? I’d rather be remembered as being part of a generation who actively spoke out against inequality. The generation who fought against the archaic narrative that the outdated 1% are trying to enforce. I’m part of a generation who sees that the old white dude tower is crumbling and that these white dudes only stir up fear to divide the masses – I’m looking at you, Trump.

Remember how I spoke about knowing all about responsibility? Well, we are in charge of raising our future leaders, whether you want babies or not, it is our responsibility to ensure that the Trump’s of the world die out along with their hateful views.

So, apparently I’m a Millennial, but even before I realised that I fall into this free-thinking, self-expression loving group of people who express their views so passionately, I already considered myself open-minded.

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