Can we talk about Wonder Woman already?

Unless you’re living under a rock, Wonder Woman is currently showing at cinemas around the world. It is also showing women that we are more than damsels in distress and it’s about damn time.

Can we take a minute to recover from the emotional overload that came with watching Wonder Woman? Before I started writing this post (for the third time), I watched a few of the clips again and the feels came flooding back. Now, in case you missed it, Wonder Woman is a movie about the DC Universe demi-goddess, bad ass heroine and all round fashion icon. I’ll be perfectly honest here, the only reason why I would watch Batman vs. Superman again is just that of Wonder Woman.

The only reason.

But, that’s beside the point. I’d be waiting for the release of Wonder Woman since they announced it was even going to be a thing, I’m a pretty huge Wonder Woman fan. I’ve always had daydreams about being just like Diana of Themyscira and went so far as to get a permanent reminder of her fearlessness. Wonder Woman is everything a hero needs to be. In addition to a shit tonne of magical abilities that were gifted to her by the gods, she’s caring and loving, emotionally tough as nails and fiercely independent.

Doesn’t that sound like the kind of hero that our daughters deserve?

Women are raised to believe that we need to be in the kitchen, our toys were primarily ones that promoted the stay at home caregiver role. I mean, what 4-year-old needs an iron to play with? Hell, I don’t even want to deal with that at 31! Based on my genitalia, society has already tried to instal that I be a subservient little wifey for someone. Pop out a couple of kids and use those house house games we were encouraged to play for real. Here is the thing though, women are tough as nails.


We are not wilting violets. We are not weak-willed or easily controlled. We are not destined for the kitchen or to keep your bed warm and Wonder Woman was the film to remind us. I sobbed during every single fight scene in that movie. Ugly cried like the emotional woman that I am and I don’t care. I’ve waited 31 years for a big budget movie to be made where the woman saves the day. Where the lead actress isn’t there for the men in the cinema or to be the butt of a joke.

Parents please, take your children to see this movie. Take your teenage sons and daughters to watch this movie and correct them when they say it’s just fiction. Diana Prince might be a fictional character, but she is the fairytale princess we can aspire to. She doesn’t need to be saved, she’ll do that herself. All Wonder Woman needs are the best damn accessories around, her impeccable self-confidence, strength and determination, and that’s pretty much the best thing any girl could as for, right?

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Until next time.








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