A fun guide to being tattooed

I’ve been trying to incorporate more of my life into the Fit Kidd, and I was thinking how to do just that. Then it hit me, why don’t I blog about tattoos?  

It’s the perfect filter

Avoiding awful people is so much easier when you are tattooed. I discovered that this filter can extend all the way through to those you thought were really good friends as well.  It’s sad, but it’s a reality.

When you embark on a tattoo collecting journey, you get to weed out the bad people in your life just by being tattooed. Win-win.


You own a lot of Sunscreen

Well, you should.  Looking after your tattoos is almost as important as finding a good artist to do it for you to begin with.  If you aren’t stocking up on SPF 50+, then you’re doing it wrong.  The sun will fade your tattoos, so keep ’em covered to keep them vibrant!

Conversation Starter

What better way to meet like minded people than talking about your tattoos (unless their tattoos are awful)?  Meeting new people is made simple when seeking out those who you’d want to talk tattoos with, and is a great way to replace the friends you lost because of them.

This can go both ways though and you might end up at the wrong end of an awful conversation, so FB friend them at your own discretion!


You NEVER have enough!

I‘m not saying that tattoos are addictive, but when your Pinterest, Instagram and phone gallery is largely filled with tattoos, then you might have a problem.

Don’t worry though, you aren’t alone! Most of us suffer from FOMO when they see new tattoos posted.  It fills us with dread, envy and a bit of ink lust (if that is a real thing).


You’re labelled 

Yup! Having tattoos instantly allows people to judge and label you.  You could be a church-going, accountant, but have a few tattoos and you’ll be a criminal biker in minutes.

Don’t see it as offensive – rather embrace their stereotypical creativity. It could be a fun way to pass the time when enjoying a coffee and writing a blog!


Side Note – this is obviously meant as a jest post.  So, if you have anything that you want to add to this list, drop ’em in the comments below.  Please share me with your friends if you like it and remember to be nice!

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Until next time.




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