Life, Love and Paper Towels

I am often told that I am so lucky to be married to a tattoo artist. Isn’t it awesome being tattooed for free and whenever I want to?  What most people don’t realise is that like any relationship; being in love with a tattoo artist has its challenges.

Good Old Sailor Jerry You might think that I can drop into the studio on a whim and get tattooed, that really isn’t the case. Just like everyone else wanting a piece of my Paul, I need to make an appointment.

Another difference is that our weekends aren’t our own. Being married to a tattoo artist means sacrificing Saturdays because he has appointments. In the past, we were plagued with after hours enquiries, there is nothing worse than watching your boo sit on his phone.

Then, there are the holidays! We usually need to see if there is a studio nearby that my significant other could have a guest spot at; because if he isn’t working, he isn’t earning.

Paul works long hours which leaves Riley with very little “dude” time. I can’t count how many nights our son was already asleep before Paul got home.

All of these hiccups, but we still take it in our stride. We understand that there are sacrifices that need to be made in order for him to excel. Much like everyone understands that I have to make sacrifices to thrive as well. It’s the teamwork that makes the dream work in our home.

I get that he works late hours and that complete strangers monopolise his time. I understand that he needs to draw up designs until late in the evening and that I’ll be called to give my opinion on them.

tumblr_lnjfchDR4W1qdwu8yo1_500I know that he eats his meals cold because he’s trying to get food in between appointments. I know that he sometimes falls asleep on the couch because he is so tired (or old, I can’t decide). I know that every single shopping trip I do includes buying paper towelling.  Just like I know that when Sunday comes, it’s family first.

So the next time you think that I am so lucky to be married to a tattoo artist, I will agree! I am, but not for the reasons that you might think. I’m lucky because he is awesome and we were made for each other. Then again, I am sure that being in a relationship with anyone, regardless of their profession; has its own set of challenges as well.

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Until next time.




3 thoughts on “Life, Love and Paper Towels”

  1. I loved reading this! Sacrifices suck, but are needed in any relationship. Your blogs kill me with giggles or the nodding of my head in agreement. THANK YOU, you make me feel real!


  2. Such sincere writing. Beautiful to read. Love is full of challenges, ups and downs, but if it’s real, none of it matters… It’s all good.


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