Lets talk about sex

Did you know that your Fitness Tracker tracks steps as you’re having sex? We discovered this quite accidentally and now we’re obsessed with tracking our sexy steps. Whether you’d like to admit it or not, you’ve probably chucked the ol’ “I have a headache” out a time or two, right? We’re all tired and it can be overwhelming trying to parent, adult and still feel sexy for your bae. We noticed that until recently, we weren’t making enough time for each other, and I can’t even remember when last we had a date night.


Photo by davide ragusa on Unsplash


Paul and I are very close and I feel like our relationship is better than I could ever imagine. So when things started drying up in the romance department, we needed a change. It started with small things that we changed like I’d leave notes for Paul in his lunch and he’d text me to tell me that he missed me. Then big things had to happen, so I put a ban on the TV in our room being switched on. We also made plans to actually have a date night (and go), we’re still craving a Tapas platter in Jozi – please drop suggestions below if you know of a to-die for place to go.

It’s so easy letting life take over and it being acceptable (it isn’t), we allow life to overtake what is truly important and it’s creating a void in relationships. Even when you think that you’ve got your shit together with your partner, you could be very wrong. When you lose touch with your partner, you stop touching and that’s the worst.


Photo by Josh Felise on Unsplash


So, making small changes in our lives was exactly what we needed to do to reconnect and we’re talking more. But really talking and not just sending milk run instructions either. We’re more honest with each other and it’s been amazing having the freedom to talk openly again. The funny thing about relationships is how quickly you slip away from being comfortable with each other.

We’ve definitely got some work to do, but we’re in the best space we’ve been in forever. I’m excited to see my husband again and miss him during the day, which is wonderful. While we’re still enjoying our freshly found Honeymoon phase, I’d love date night suggestions for us to try. Please leave your ideas in the comments below, or just share how you reignited the spark in our love life.

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