Staying motivated

Staying motivated to stick to a weight loss journey is tough, so it helps to have a cheering section and an arsenal of motivation tips like these.

Permanent weight loss requires making health changes to more than just your food choices, but also to your lifestyle. They aren’t always easy to do though, so staying motivated is vital for a successful weight loss journey. Here are a few of my favourite tips that I’ve used for staying motivated;

Find your cheer squad

The support of those nearest and dearest to you means a lot, but social support from outside groups can make a huge difference as well.


I’ve spoken about SleekGeek and Weight Watchers are perfect examples of reputable and effective support systems. Not only are they able to support your journey, but they will also encourage that you stick to the plan.
Not all support groups are made equally, so snoop around to find the fit that fits you. There are a bunch of groups online that you can join without having to pay a cent, so go crazy with the support squad search.

There are a bunch of groups online that you can join without having to pay a cent, so go crazy with the support squad search.

Slow and steady

I’ve said this so many times already that I’m sure that I sound like a broken record, but it is so important that I keep reminding you of this! Fast weight loss is fast weight gain. Losing too much weight too quickly will take its toll on your body and mind.

jennifer-burk-118076You will feel awful, sluggish and drained. Plus, all the weight will pile back on just as quickly as it came off.
Aim to lose a few kgs each month rather than focussing on a weekly loss. This way you’re certain that you’re losing fat and not water weight, or worse, muscle mass.

Become a goal setter

This applies to so many parts of your life, so it makes sense that you have goals for weight loss too, right? Set short-term goals for yourself, like wanting to feel good in your own skin or feeling more confident. When you attach an emotion to your goal, you give it more validity than just wanting a shallow reward for your hard work. Doing it this way gives you more incentive to resist temptation when it strikes.

Focussing on being healthier for yourself, for your children and for those closest to you. It will definitely give you the extra drive that you need to succeed.

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