The 5 mascaras in my makeup bag

It’s almost horrific that this year is a minute away from being over- even scarier is that I’m a second away from 32. I adore makeup and have a fair collection of my own – so I decided to talk about some mascara options I’ve used in 2017.

I love makeup, I never leave home without makeup and I don’t think it is possible for me to walk into Dischem without going past the makeup counters. It’s not like I collect makeup, but I like to make sure that I have options. That’s why I can comfortably review 5 different mascaras without flinching. From my worst to best, here is a list of my 5-faves.


I honestly feel like this mascara is more label than anything else. The formula is clumpy, it doesn’t apply smoothly at all and they test on animals. This mascara was part of a prize that I won, and try as I might, I’ve never gotten into using it – even for OTT costumey looks.


IMG_2247 (2)
Available at M.A.C counters

Retails at around R270 from M.A.C stores.



Wet ‘n Wild Mega Length

There isn’t anything wrong with this mascara, I just really struggle with the formula. One swipe is fine, but anything more and you start your very own eyelash segregation. For natural looking lashes, it works well – I keep it around for my lower lashes.



IMG_2275 (2)
Available at Clicks

Retails at R 89,90


Avon Mark Outrageous Lash

This mascara promises to build lashes that will start a butterfly effect when you flutter those babies at the IT guy. The formula is supposed to do what every girl wishes it would do, keep building mascara fibres with each swipe. It does the job, but don’t try using more than 2 swipes, plus Avon isn’t cruelty-free so it’s currently shelved.

IMG_2255 (2)
Mona is awesome 084 415 4094

Retails at around R89,90 depending on the specials.

Essence Volume Stylist 18H Curl & Hold

I’m absolutely sold on Essence and how great their products are. I love that this mascara actually delivers on what it says it will, stays put all day and doesn’t clump. That’s what this mascara does for me. The only downside is that you can’t reapply over your morning mascara, which for me usually means over my gym mascara that I didn’t wash off properly.

IMG_2269 (2)
Available from Dischem or Clicks

Retails for R 59,90

Wish.com Max Mascara

The best mascara that I’ve ever used cost me R14 from Wish.com and it almost didn’t even arrive. I chose this mascara purely because of the packaging and honestly, wasn’t expecting too much of it. The formula is a little runnier than I’d like, but it applies smoother than you can imagine and it doesn’t budge. Pity that it took months to get here, but if I order another one now, it might arrive before this one finishes.

IMG_2289 (2)
Available from wish.com

Retails from R14 – depending on the exchange rate.

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Until next time.




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