A lazy girl’s guide to crafting

To be fair I am not a lazy girl, but as far as crafting goes I am no Martha Stewart. But, I had old Typo South Africa sale frames lying around and really lovely Polaroids that are fading on the fridge. I wanted to get a little creative.After the bulk of last week was spent holding my throat and texting people in front of me, I knew I had to chill the eff out on the weekend. I’m a worker bee who needs to do something with herself and by day 4 of Laryngitis, I was over it. Cabin fever had struck and the walls were closing in… fast.

I was desperate to train and feel better again, so I forced myself to rest (well, my version of rest) and turned my attention to crafting.


It might be that I’m 2-weeks away from another year added to my 30’s or that I’m really a closet Biggie Best fan, but I’m currently obsessed with lace. More specifically, the lace curtains that your gran used to hang in her bathroom.

You know, the one with the sunflower border and loops for the copper pipe? Well, part of my trousseau included a whack of this lace and my fingers were itching for something fancy to do. Obvs, I cut them up.

You have to understand, I have a lot of tattoo orientated art in my home, I am also growing up though and adult Cashé is over it. It’s cool and all, but I’m also ready to have less neo-traditional nudes on my walls. Back to my Typo frames that were scored on a 50% off sale 3 years ago and my gran’s cut up curtains.

The biggest challenge was cutting through lace with blunt kitchen scissors that double as everything else cutters. Don’t judge, I’m working on this adulting stuff. I then used the lace pieces as a backdrop for my cute Polaroid pictures to take centre stage.


Wouldn’t you know it, I love the outcome. It took around 30-minutes to cut the lace, place the Polaroids and make sure they were straight. I then ruined my neighbour’s nap by knocking 4 nails into the wall that joins our bedrooms (sorry about that).

I’m not going to go out to buy scrapbooking stuff, but it did get my decoupage fingers tingling again, so Christmas prezzies might just be coasters and placemats this year.

Are you much of a crafter? How many DIY projects do you have on the go? Let me know in the comments below (unintentional rhyming deserves a thumbs up).

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Until next time.




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