Matte lipsticks in my makeup bag

I was a little bit surprised by how popular the last makeup post was, y’all wanted more. Because I’m all about giving back, here is another instalment of “in my makeup bag”.I’m still not entirely sure why we suddenly needed lips that looked dryer than the Sahara desert, but it’s a thing and we buy into it. Unfortunately, you cannot photoshop away dry lip flakes from real life, so finding a matte lip that doesn’t suck out the moisture of your soul is tricky. I was instantly terrified because my already dry lips would not cope well. I was not wrong, but thankfully time and patience have prevailed and I have found a matte lipstick or two that I like.

Essence Matt Matt Matt

IMG_2324Full disclosure, this was the first matt liquid lipstick that I bought and I had the highest of high hopes for it. The colour is divine, it smells like something sexy and Essence is cruelty-free. Sadly, that’s about the gist of the pros when it comes to this little sucker. Look, I’m no spring chicken, but I’m not ready for my lipstick to bleed like I’m an 80-year-old called Edna. This is also my biggest fear because no one wants passion red lipstick streaming down your chin.

It isn’t as longlasting as it boasts, and it doesn’t pass the kiss test – I kiss my husband a lot so this is a biggie for me. It is creamy though and feels pretty good on your lips, but it’s more a “not eating – drinking – kissing” kind of lipstick.

I give it 2 smooches out of 5.

Retails for R 49,90

Avon Mark Liquid Lip Lacquer Matt

IMG_2310I’ll admit, I was a sucker for the bold colour when I purchased this liquid lip – I love a bold lip. The catalogue promised kiss proof, moisture sealed lips that make the boys stare. Personally, I like looking luscious for me, but a few stares never hurt a girl’s self-esteem before, amirite? Firstly, the packaging is clean and tiny – yes, tiny – it’s dainty, sample size fits nicely in the tiny pockets on our lady jeans.

The formula is thick, almost lumpy which is a bit of a put off, but the subtle scent is a plus. The applicator is angled which makes applying the lip a little easier, and probably good that it does too because it doesn’t stay on for all that long. Kissing is not happening with this on, but the pigment does stain your lips a little bit longer.

Overall, I give this 3 smooches out of 5.

Retails for R89,90

L.A. Girl Matte Flat Finish Pigment Gloss

IMG_2302It pains me that one of my fave drug store brands failed me with their matt liquid lipstick. I even got back ups to be sure it wasn’t a dud tube, but no. It goes on nicely enough and it definitely doesn’t run, there is no fragrance which is nice for sensitive gals and the colour range is wonderful.


Girls, this is the worst, stickiest formula that has ever passed my lips. What is worse is that if you rub your lips together for whatever reason during the day, your lippie is coming right off. Yes, it sticks together like the prestick you used to take posters off the wall. It’s kiss proof if you are saying hello to a distant relative and you will want it off within a few minutes of it being on.

It get’s no smooches.

Smashbox Always On Liquid Lipstick


If ever there was a product that is worth every single cent, it is Smashbox. This cruelty-free range is relatively new to SA and it’s still gaining momentum. I suspect though that the second this liquid heaven graces your lips, you’ll be a convert too. I am in love with the silky application that dries matt but doesn’t dry out your lips. I can’t pin the fragrance to a specific thing, but it does smell like the colour you’re wearing – does that even make sense?

This one is simple, you can make out with bae, eat an apple and you’ll hardly realize it is there. I’m a fan, you should be too.

I give this baby 4.5 smooches out of 5.

Retails for R 330,00

Catrice Velvet Matt Lip Cream


Ladies and gentleman, please let me introduce you to the most wonderful liquid lip cream on the face of the earth. I’m a newbie when it comes to Catrice products, for no reason other than I’m a creature of habit. It was their HD Foundation that opened the door for me and now I am sold. This liquid lip is creamy, moisturising, kissable and light on the lips. I wore it during a nap and it survived. I wore it during a pineapple binge and it survived.

I regret not buying one in each colour and can guarantee that this will be the lip I’m living in for Summer. My only negative is that it smells like the kind of makeup a toddler would wear.

I give it 4.5 smooches out of 5.

Retails for R 79,90

You must have a lipstick you love too, leave your fave lippie in the comments below!  Follow me on Facebook and Twitter for more real talk, snappy snaps and fun.

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