Setting goals and sticking to ’em

At the moment, I have a lumo pink yoga mat gathering dust in a corner of my room, a Daily Yoga app payment on my Telkom bill and I can’t tell you when last I hit the mat. It’s not that I’ve lost interest in living better, I’ve just fallen short of forming habits. I know how that goes, I am a cold-turkey non-smoker because I formed new habits to kick the old, nasty one. So, why can’t I stick to the goals I set?

Probably the same reason why you can’t – laziness. I’m so comfortable in what I consider to be a safe space that stepping out of it is just too much effort. I mean, I realized this during my little pity party yesterday – I’m not going anywhere because I don’t want to. I’m letting the fear of doing something new rule my progress and that’s not good at all.




It’s okay to be defensive about the fact that I’ve just called you lazy and afraid because I was in denial about it too. I was pretty offended that I could be that rude (and truthful).
I’m not lazy, I’m the hardest, frikken worker that I know. I’m not afraid of challenges, you’re talking to the chick who regularly moves across the country on a whim. 

Yep, but then why can’t you stick to your goals? Why are you holding onto the excuses you’ve made to get out of working toward a better you? These are questions I’m sitting here, hoping for the answers to. I’ve meditated on it, Googled it and right now, I’m still hoping for some magical wake-up call to give me the answers. But we all know that this isn’t how it works, right?

estee-janssens-396889Come now, Cashé, what are you going to do to change it? Well, let’s go back to the basics – setting a goal is really just forming a manageable habit. Like my yoga aspirations, I really enjoyed the practice and had signed up for a 30-day thingie with Adrien – but, day 1 didn’t see my YouTube playlist. Why? Because I’d much rather find an excuse than better myself? Okay, that’s not entirely true, but I am a little afraid of investing in something new. I’m afraid of stepping out of this comfortable little lull that I’ve created for myself.

Let’s face it, it’s so much easier to complain about what’s going wrong in your life on social media – the attention helps you get over yourself, right? Actually, no – but it’s nice to get that instant gratification that your fear is justified. It’s nice when other people tell you that your laziness to move out of your comfort zone is okay. Spoiler alert – it really isn’t. In fact, you being afraid to move is wasting the potential that we all have to live our authentic lives and before you know it, you’re using a Zimmer frame and using terms like tubular and back in my day.

jeff-sheldon-3224So how do we change this? How do we live in the now, hold on to the moment and live our authentic lives? You’re asking the wrong person, but I can tell you how to start your journey. Form manageable habits that lead you to your goals.

I want to eat healthier, so I have to stop suggesting takeout to my husband when I’m tired. I want to be fitter, flexible and centred, but I can’t keep hiding behind having a busy day as a reason not to practice yoga.

I also really want to start my self-study in A Course in Miracles and I really need to stop being so afraid of what will happen when I do. These are my goals, I have to figure out how to get over the laziness and fear and make them a reality because, at the end of the day, daydreaming about a better life isn’t going to create one.

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Until next time.




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