I’ve been overeating this whole time

I’ve heard about If It Fits Your Macros for a really long time, but it wasn’t until I signed up with my coach Kayla van Rooyen that I understood how amazing it was. I also realized how much we really overeat in the process.

When I was first given my list of daily Macros, it took me a little while to truly understand what it was. I wasn’t entirely convinced that the IIFYM approach worked, but I was desperate for healthy food and so ready to lose weight again.
So I started tracking my macros and measuring my meals. This is taught me a lot about moderation, portion control and still eating really healthy delicious food. The best part about this is the only time I eat fish is when I feel like it. It’s also taught me that we overeat without realising it. I mean I use to eat a whole lot of cereal under the guise that it was just a couple of grams.
It wasn’t.david-vazquez-330547

Using MyFitnessPal and measuring my meals has helped me realise how quickly we overeat without giving it a second thought. It’s so easy to have a heaped tablespoon of mayonnaise with your salad and call it healthy when really,  that tablespoon has more calories than your entire meal.

And then we wonder why we aren’t losing weight? I’m not saying IIFYM is for everyone, but I’ve noticed that it’s definitely better for me. I’ve noticed this because by measuring my meals I can see where I went wrong in the past. This has all become a very important part of me rebuilding a healthy relationship with food.
My past relationship with food has either been one of excess or restriction, but it’s never been very good. This is the biggest challenge I’ve had to face and the hardest part of my past that I’ve had to change and it’s thanks to Kayla. Knowing what nutrients I need to eat for the day has given me the freedom to choose, and that freedom has given me a new lease on healthy living. It’s taking a lot of time but rebuilding this relationship with food the best decision I’ve made for 2018 and it’s still early days.
Splash 7There is a lot of debate that flexible dieting or IIFYM isn’t effective for weight loss, but I’m 120% sure that restricting your diet and depleting your meals isn’t effective either. While this might work for some people, how can it be sustainable, or not good for your body? When I first got my Macros, I was terrified. Eating so many calories would be the opposite of what I needed to do because I always used to stick to 900 calories.
This is the stupid s*** that society tells you to do to lose weight.
Yes you do need a calorie deficit to lose weight but you don’t need to starve yourself to achieve your goals. So back to the point of macro tracking and logging my meals on MyFitnessPal. Simple things like how much chicken you’re actually eating or how much Future Life you’re eating is an eye opener when you first start measuring meals. In the same breath, you don’t need to eat as much food as we think you do to be satisfied and not all foods are created equally.  A perfect example is that 30 grams of Mango has almost double the calories as a 60g serving of Melon. The both are really good for you, and both have different nutrients.
For lunch, I’m having salmon steak and veggies and I cannot wait because I know that I’m getting all the calories I need for a good, healthy Cashé.  I love hearing from you let me know what eating plan works best for you? Have you tried and if it fits your macros approach or are you a banter? Let me know in the comments below.


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1 thought on “I’ve been overeating this whole time”

  1. Hi Cashe! I count calories. Have been doing it for years IIFYM works like a bomb. I can go out with family and friends without feeling guilty about it. Has made my life so much easier!


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