Emergency Pancakes

I posted this little tasty over on Instagram the other day and realized that I didn’t share it here. These are my delicious, emergency 4 ingredient pancakes.

Pancake Ingredients
2 scoops of USN SA – Ultimate Sports Nutrition Blue Label Vanilla Whey
25g of Coconut Flour
1 Large Egg
100mls of Almond Milk
How To
Blend everything together in your NutriBullet to create the perfect pancake batter.
Heat a nonstick pan with 1 tsp of coconut oil.
Lower the heat of the stove before pouring your batter into the pan.
Flip and repeat the cooking.
Sauce Ingredients
1 tbsp of Nut Butter (of your choice)
1 tsp of cocoa powder
50mls of Milk
How To
Microwave the mixture for 20 seconds – remove and stir.
Repeat until the mixture has a creamy, runny texture.
This makes 10 small-medium pancakes.
Macros per serving of 3 (excluding the sauce):
Calories – 136
P – 22g
C – 6g
F – 4g

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Until next time.




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