The Art of Intention Writing

My latest lightbulb moment included a  need to create intentions. You know, those colourful journals that bring the 90’s child in you out to play? I have goals and I’m not afraid to use glitter glue to document them.

It’s all over Instagram, these unreal works of art that Pinterest dreams are made of, and I wanted in. I started by mapping out what I wanted my intentions and goals to be for this month. What I noticed was that a lot of my goals and intentions were self-love and growth orientated. I’m on a journey of self-discovery, that I want to focus on growing myself spiritually and mentally while learning to love myself harder. I wanted to share this with you because I feel like it is a very powerful tool for self-discovery and self-love.
I obviously overthought the entire process down to Googling how to write intentions. That’s not how you should do it, but if you – like me – needed a little bit of guidance, here is a beginner’s guide to writing intentions.


jon-tyson-501935Firstly make sure you have the loveliest stationery you can find. This isn’t really necessary but it’s nice and who doesn’t love a good stationery haul. So I raided my son’s a space case, put some Seafret on and got creating.
To start with I wrote pretty headers, it seems silly but It was therapeutic and I honestly enjoyed the practice of writing things out.
The next thing I did focus on what I wanted to achieve from this month, February is a short month so you have to cram as much as you can in without overwhelming yourself.
So I chose four pillars I wanted to focus on.
Focus is one of these pillars because I want to focus more attention on what is important to me and less looking at a cell phone screen. Another one was growth. I want to put energy into growing myself, and my spirituality and I think I’m getting better at this. Naturally, there were more pillars and yours will be different to mine, so concentrate on what is important to you and write about that.

Choose to Manifest

My next step was to document what I call my choices. These are the tasks that I choose to focus positive attention and energy on. We all want abundance and ask for abundance, but we never quite specify what we want an abundance of. Abundance could mean anything, you could want an abundance of family time, of nature, of chocolate cake – you get the point.  Abundance can literally mean anything, so you need to be specific before you can expect to receive what you’re wanting.
I want financial security, much like everyone else does – so I have specified that. I choose to manifest financial security. Not want financial security, because that would imply that I don’t have financial wellbeing now –  see how tricky this manifesting business can be?
Another choice that I’m making for February is to be kinder to myself. I am the Regina George before her fall from grace of my life, but I’m working really hard on being gentle and patient with myself. This extends to my weight loss journey, my Spiritual journey and all the bits in between.
Your choices will obviously pertain to you and what you want to achieve. Concentrate on what you really have to achieve and manifest for February and write them down. Remember to be specific and remember to write them with love.


brooke-lark-203842Lastly, I have a little toppings section. This is where I jot the stuff that could be considered frosting for your month. I really want new towels in my house, so that’s something I’m working towards for February. It’s a small thing, but important to me. I’d also really like to lose 5 kilograms, so that’s also on my topping Wishlist.
Again your toppings list will be totally different to mine because this is your journey. Just write what you feel is your truth and what you really wanted to achieve out of your month.
I love hearing from everyone and I’d love to read your intentions for February drop them in the comments section below and good luck with the month of love.

Until next time.




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