Reviewing Catrice HD Liquid Coverage

I’ve probably found the best foundation on the market for dry skin, cruelty-free and under R150! Ladies and gentlemen, I present Catrice HD Liquid Coverage.

I’ve spoken about Catrice before and have slowly started to convert to the underrated drug-store brand. To be honest, I can’t remember when Catrice hit South African soil, but what I do know is that I am glad it did. This brand is very vocal about being cruelty-free and emphasises this on their website. If nothing else, this is a big plus in my books, but let’s get down to how it fairs as a product.


When Fenty first hit the market, people started searching for a cost effective dupe to match the awesome. Enter Catrice HD Liquid Coverage. Savvy beauty bloggers found that these two little lovelies share 6 of the same ingredients – which means something magical, right? I’m a sucker for a good bargain and great products, so I invested my R149 in Catrice.

The coverage is almost flawless. I played around with covering my tattoos with this foundation and it did a helluva good job. Naturally, you can’t judge what a foundation will do by how well it covers up your tattoos, especially when it starts to oxidise on your arm. This might send a girl into a tizz, but rest assured – I have not experienced any oxidisation.


At first glance, the product is quite runny and you’d be forgiven if you thought it would simply wipe away the second you bring a Beauty Blender near it. This is not the case at all, and the product blends in so well that it’s easy to mistake it for a high-end product instead. The only real downside is that this foundation only comes in four colours and they’re all on the light side.

There is no real fragrance to it either, which is another plus for someone who has a really sensitive nose. I also really love that it doesn’t dry out my already dry skin – nothing can make flaky skin look cute and this is one foundation that understands this. It promises a matte, second skin effect and it does deliver. Compared to it’s more expensive counterparts, I’ve found that Catrice lasts longer and doesn’t let the shine in. When you’re running around all day with beauty queens, it’s important that your face doesn’t melt off.

Overall I am living for this product and will have it in my makeup bag for as long as I can. Catrice is available from Dischem and worth every penny you spend. I’m always on the lookout for great cruelty-free makeup to review, so drop your suggestions in the comments section below.

Until next time.





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