Learning to Value Yourself

Learning to value yourself is more difficult to master than you might realise and I am constantly reminded of this fact whenever I have a moment alone with my thoughts. I’m determined to make 2018 the year that I love myself more, and here is the latest way I’m doing that.

I’ve been particularly hard on myself lately (again) because I’m struggling to keep my irritability in check. This always sparks the self-shaming, guilt trip that I send myself on and it just makes my family miserable.
When I get into this mindset, I spend a lot of time focusing on my flaws. Y’all know how much I love pointing out what I don’t like about myself, but never really every focus on the stuff I do like. I know what I want to change about Cashé, but I’m never happy with the good bits. This realization made me a little sad because I’m sure there is something lovely about me, right?
sdrI am a firm believer in building each other up, and I often lavish compliments on those who I come into contact with. There is so much negativity and stress in the world we live in that I am compelled to bring a little light to others. I’m not kidding, I’m the girl giving the cashier at Dischem compliments on her brows and asking about her kids (sorry people behind me). If I can feel so strongly about uplifting strangers, why the hell can’t I do the same for myself?
I came across an assignment for a little self-love the other day and thought I’d start off and see how things go. The concept is relatively simple when you think about it, but I’m finding execution a little more challenging. All you need to do is highlight what you value about yourself on a daily basis. Easy right? Here is the kicker, you need to list three different values each day and you need to get deep.
So, an example would be that I value my body – the exercise calls for specifics so you need to list what it is about your body that you value.
I value how strong my body is – it is capable of impressive feats in and out of the gym.
See how simple that is? Now to be honest with yourself and think of three new values to celebrate each day. The Cashé science behind it is simple, if you’re forcing yourself to think of positive traits you want to celebrate about yourself, you’re forced to believe in yourself. It’s the simplest way to fall in love with yourself again because you don’t need to do anything but recognize what is already there.
freestocks-org-158328-unsplashI strongly believe that when you start recognizing your strengths, that you allow yourself the power to succeed in life. Self-love is the hardest love of all and we all have those moments when loathing is easier to do. My hope is that you join me to change the way you speak to yourself, about yourself and how you see yourself. For the next 21 days, I’m committing to writing 3 things that I love about myself and will share them on InstaStories. I challenge you to do the same and tag me @cashe_kidd so that I can cheer you on too.
I love hearing from you and would love to know if you’re with me. Leave your message down below and let the self-love lessons begin!
Until next time.



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