Meditation for Dummies

I recently started the practice of meditation and by recently I mean December of last year. As a complete beginner, I’ve been really fortunate that my husband is familiar with the practice of meditation and holistic living, so he’s been instrumental in helping me learn more about this way of life.

In true Cashe fashion, I went and overcomplicated everything and I’m gonna tell you all about it. When I started my meditation practice, I knew absolutely nothing about it. I downloaded an app called Calm so that I could be guided through the meditation process. I had no idea if I had to ohmmm while I was meditating, or if I could just sit in silence.
IMG_4856 (2)
I started Googling, listening to podcasts on meditation and devouring anything I could find on how to become a meditating Master. The problem with this is that no one tells you how difficult it is to meditate to start with! I was Googling everything from meditation mats, to what incense to use, to whether I should lie down or not, but no one tells you how difficult it is going to be to start this process and stick to it.
First and foremost you’re supposed to clear your mind during meditation, which is virtually impossible. I’m not even talking about for a beginner here, but who can completely clear their mind during meditation? I’m sure there are gurus who are able to do this, but I’m no Guru just a regular girl.
Step One – Sit Down
I started by sitting cross-legged on my pillow, my back leaning against the base of my bed for support. I love incense, so it was a no-brainer for me to have incense lit and candles galore. I like the feeling of my crystals in my hand, and an app telling me when to breathe. The setting couldn’t be better if it was Instagrammed – until the breathing turned into me thinking about painting my kitchen.
Step Two – Breathe
I scold myself and force my mind back to the breath – focus on the breath. You’re supposed to take a deep (but natural) breathe in, hold it for 2 seconds and exhale slowly. This is the practice that you need to focus on, you can either concentrate on breathing or concentrate on scanning your body, but my mind wanders back to the guy that cut me off in traffic two weeks ago.
Step Three – Start Again
It’s hard not to feel like a failure, I know I’m not doing this properly and that I’m nowhere near being the holistic queen I’m hoping to be. But this is why it is called a practice, right? Because it doesn’t matter how many times you get it wrong, what matters is that you keep trying.
IMG_4863 (2)
Working towards something that will benefit you is working on you and that’s the victory. Taking the time to meditate and sit in quiet with your thoughts, your incense and your candles is something that you’ve chosen to do for you and that is worth celebrating.
So if you’re just starting your meditation practice and you’re very worried that you’re doing it wrong I’ve got you because I’m doing it wrong too! The big secret is that I will keep doing it wrong because a meditation practice isn’t supposed to perfect. Meditation practice is not meant to make you better at meditating, it’s supposed to make you a better person.
As always I love hearing from you leave your comment down below, let us know if you are a meditating Guru or a beginner like me.
Until next time…




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