Reviewing Rimmel Provocalips

I’ve shared this incredible lipstick across my social channels recently and thought it was time for a full review on the blog. It isn’t a new brand by any means, but I’m really glad it is on the market.

I often speak about the importance of a lipstick that stays put. One of my biggest fears is walking around with lipstick that has started to run down the crack of my face and is dripping off my chin. So, I am always on the search for a lippie that lasts. Introducing Rimmel Provocalips.
I bought this lipstick just before my cousin’s memorial service last year. I needed something that was gonna stay on while I read his eulogy and survive the blubbering mess that I was guaranteed to be by the end of the day. The sales lady gave me a bit of a side eye before suggesting Provocalips once I told her what I needed it for. It delivered and believe me I know that it is a little morbid introducing you to a new product based on how it survived a eulogy. When you think about it, it is a pretty good indication of the kind of stay that this lipstick has.
It glides on so smoothly that you don’t have primer your lips beforehand (although I always suggest that you do), and it doesn’t need a lip liner to keep it tidy either.  There are two lippie containers, each with its own awesome formula. First, you apply the glossy lipstick, I usually wait for it to dry a little bit before I then apply the shine. The second application is what locks in the colour and adds moisture to your picture-perfect pout, and then you’re ready to face anything the day throws at you (well, your lips).
I have three shades so far and completely obsessed with getting the rest of them. This lipstick has survived eating an apple in traffic, drinking 3-litres of water daily and making out with hunky husband without a single touch up.  These babies are available at Clicks and at Dis-Chem and retails for around R125. They come in 7 (or 8) shades and absolutely worth the buy.
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