Are you a shame shopper?

Show of hands how many of you have put off buying new clothes because you want to buy a smaller size? Worse still, how many of you buy that smaller size and use it as a “goal”?

 It’s ok if that’s you because I’ve done it too. If you had to look at my cupboard all you would find is closed that no longer fit me. Why can’t I let go of them? Because one day I’ll get back into them, amirite?

I had a look at my wardrobe recently and realized that I have a whole lot of baggy clothes that sit terribly on me, but I need to hide behind them. I have really lovely clothes that are too small for me, but I keep them because I’m holding onto hope that I’ll fit into them next week.
Spoiler alert that doesn’t happen.
This made me realise that I only value smaller Cashé and that current Cashé isn’t worth enough to get clothes that fit her. I’m telling myself that I have to wait until I am worthy before I spend any money on myself. How awful is that? I have really great clothing that I’ve never worn because I’m waiting for the day that they fit me again. What am I doing in the meantime? I’m punishing myself behind oversized clothes and uncomfortable fitting pants. Not taking my pride in what I look like is really annoying because I am fashionable as f***.
Part of this journey is realising that you are actually valuable no matter where you are on your path. That it’s ok to look at the one day, we need to remember to make time for the now. We need to remember that who you are today is just as important as who you were when you were at your smallest or who you will be when you’re at your goal.
I love hearing from you, so leave your comment down below!
Until next time!

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