Sorry, not sorry

I just read an amazing article about being apologetic. Not the way you might imagine, but for being unattractive. Yes, we as women apologize for being unattractive. You know those moments when you are makeup free, hair in a messy bun and tatty yoga pants are your uniform?


We apologize for making an effort to look good because it is “extra” or soaked in vanity. We apologize for being fat, for extra rolls, for being too thin or for our cellulite (spoiler alert, everyone has cellulite). We keep apologizing for not looking good enough, but who decided that we have to define our lives by how we look?

I literally apologized twice today for my appearance, do guys have to do this too? Is it only something we as women do to ourselves? Is it bloody necessary?


It’s bullshit and it has to stop.

Stop apologizing for being real. Stop apologizing for being you.


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