Lipstick and Life Lessons VIP Group Rules

Hey, VIP Queen!

In order to keep the Lipstick and Life Lessons VIP group as high vibe and positive as possible, we have created some group rules to preserve the incredible quality of the posts and the value shared inside.

Please note by requesting to join the group and being approved into the group, you automatically agree to the rules below.


This is a spiritual support group. No negative nancies, bullies, or rude bishes will be tolerated in this space. Like my granny used to say; “If you have nothing nice to say, shut up.”

Please SHARE VALUE that you have to give.

If you have tips, tricks, and awesome stories about manifesting, the law of attraction, spirituality, and online business (relating to the topics) we want to hear all about it. This is a COMMUNITY above all.

Self-Promotion is ONLY allowed on Friday. Please respect the Promo thread and don’t overwhelm your fellow queens with salesy stuff. A page link is all you need, boo.

Refrain from promoting another group in this group.

I’m a jealous gal, please keep this group for LLL queens.

Even on Fridays.

Refrain from making charity posts or asking for money in this group. We understand that from time to time we go through hard times, but this group was created to empower you and the other women in the group.

Friend requests, follow for follow, or page liking threads are forbidden. This has been SO abused it’s not even funny and led to many upset members letting us know that members creating them were just trying to find MLM leads.

Soliciting other members’ Facebook message inboxes with your side hustle or business through this group is strictly forbidden. So is asking members to PM you for “links.” If they are interested in what you have to offer, they will reach out to you on their own.

Messaging admins or moderators why your post was removed if it were removed is not allowed.

The post was removed because a rule was broken. Please come back and re-read the rules if necessary before your next post. If you break a rule once, we will forgive you as we all make mistakes from time to time. A second rule break will result in immediate removal from the group.

Complaining or ranting is not allowed.  

This group is about positivity and focusing on the positive side of life. We’re keeping things full of love and gratitude here, we don’t need that bad juju.

Be helpful.

If you have an answer to someone’s question or a solution to help a member out, please offer it. That’s what this group is all about! Supporting one another!

This one is the most important rule of them all: Have a ton of fun. 

This group has the potential to forever change your thinking and literally manifest a life way cooler than you ever imagined. Use it to your advantage! Ask questions, share your experiences, let us know how you are doing. Share your best tips, and feel free to share inspirational articles, videos, blogs, encourage others and share the queen love.

IMPORTANT: If you think that a member broke a rule, please report their post to ADMINS, and NOT to Facebook. That way, it will allow us to check out the post from our end and remove it if needed. Reporting it to Facebook doesn’t do anything but flag the post for their review.

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