I just want you to like me…

I care so much about what you think. I just want your approval because I am a people pleaser of note. I live my life based on the opinions of other people.
Does this sound like something you can relate to because it’s something I am very familiar with? I have lived so much of my life worrying about the OPO – opinions of others.

How many times are you deciding on something that directly relates to YOU based on what SOMEONE will think? Do you post on social media in the hopes that someone will notice? Do you read into things that other people post assuming it is meant for you?

Are you creating a narrative of judgement that isn’t even there?


You can say no, but you’d probably be lying.

We all do it, we’re designed to do it and we are programmed to think of what other people with think of us. We allow the non-existent thoughts of others to dictate our lives. Isn’t it time we DGAF instead?
Look, if you think that {insert name here} cares that you are wearing vegan eyeliner today, you are wrong. If you think that {insert name here} is judging how you parent, you are wrong because even if they are, it doesn’t matter.

Their opinions of YOU is not important. Your opinion of you is.

You are the measure of the 5 people you spend the most time with. Align yourself with people who raise you up, not who hold your growth hostage.

Until next time.


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