|MOON CUP REVIEW|Period game changer?

I’m about to talk about my period and vaginas… You have been warned!

Still here? Great!

I decided to invest in a My Cup (or Moon Cup or Luna Cup) 3 cycles ago after painfully inserting the 1 millionth super tampon of my life. I was so over being dry down below thanks to whatever chemicals found in tampons. Besides, the amount of tampons found in the ocean is insane! Turtles don’t need an ocean of tampons and I don’t need an angry vagina.

So, I started researching eco-friendly49344549_1038984096274661_5458121272426758144_o, kinder to my kitty options and decided on a Moon Cup.

It’s not all roses and smooth insertion, getting this right is a bit of an art and figuring out how to insert the My Cup is a challenge.

Look, it hurts when you first try, because you really do have to get up in there, but you quickly figure it out because you are either terrified of using another tampon or just really need to get it right.

Once inserted, it creates a suction that keeps your blood in the cup, so you can sleep, gym and swim during your period. You also don’t have to clean it as often as you’d imagine, plus that’s pretty easy to do as well.

I use the stem to wiggle it out, pour the blood down the toilet and clean the cup with soap and water. Fold the cup over and insert again. I can typically go 5 hours between cleaning the cup, which makes life so much easier.


  • Kind to the environment.
  • Kind to my vagina.
  • Cleaner alternative.
  • Easier on the cramps.


  • Tricky to master.
  • Can be difficult to insert and remove.

Overall, my 2nd cycle using the My Cup and it’s getting easier to use. I prefer it tampons and sanitary pads and definitely recommend that any woman who is fed up with the side effects of tampons and helping the environment choose it.

Cost: ranges between R250 to R500 once off. Available from Wellness Warehouse, Faithful to Nature and some leading retailers.

Have you tried the Moon Cup before? Tell us about it in the comments below!

Until next time.


2 thoughts on “|MOON CUP REVIEW|Period game changer?”

  1. I’ve been using a cup for over 10 years. I found it ages ago and started using MiaCup. I was even a reseller for quite a while. I only use cups and try and covert everyone I can to use them to. Its the best thing for your body and the environment. The story behind them is pretty awesome. We may have been using these ages ago if it wasn’t for all the rubber being used for the war.


    1. The back story is so interesting, and I’m definitely a convert after using mine. I think I recall you being a reseller, but didn’t know enough about it at the time to commit. Glad I made the switch though!


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