| BOOK REVIEW | The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck

Remember in the 2000’s when everyone was reading The Secret? I feel like this is that book of 2018.

I went into this book on a self-development high, having read and listened to high vibe, self-help everything for the better half of 2018. I was expecting this book to rock me like my first kiss with tongue.
It didn’t.

It’s not a difficult book to read, it’s not too long or too “wordy”, but he rambles. Man, can this author get lost in a tangent of rambling that ended up feeling like he’s just trying too hard. The message often got lost in his personal examples of living his life too well, I mean, we get it… You’ve slept with a lot of women.

In a nutshell, this book could be a 2 part series of blog posts that tell you to live life unapologetically, while taking responsibility for your life. It touches on playing the victim and letting go of that mentality. The message is good, but I honestly can’t remember what chapter 1 was about. It’s just not a hook of a read.

I finished the book feeling a little disappointed. With 3 million copies sold, I was expecting a punch in the face of inspiration for 2019. I was hoping for my “Ah ha” moment, but was left with just “meh”.

To the author’s credit, the message is valid and true, but you need to get through a lot of bullshit before he gets to the point. Overall, I don’t recommend you buy the book, rather ask a friend for theirs or get a copy from the library. Like I said, it’s The Secret of our time, so you should read it just to know what people are talking about at dinner parties.

What do you think about the book? Have you read it? What should I review next? Leave your thoughts below.

Until next time.


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