What 2018 taught me

Sometimes I think that the only thing that kept 2018 from killing me is the fact that I am vegan and don’t eat polony. That’s a joke, obviously.

Oh, 2018… you gave me exactly what I asked you for. I went into this year, hopeful and ready for change, I wanted to grow and I wanted to be a high-level version of myself. I was practically ready to pee glitter and levitate when I meditate.

Boy, did 2018 have other plans.

It’s taken me 365 days to realize that we get exactly what we ask for, whether we like it or not.

To grow, I needed to go through some things, I needed to be challenged, tested and pushed to beyond my limits. I needed to go through some shit.

2018 delivered.

I needed to learn patience and to do that, I was given all the tests and obstacles 2018 could throw my way. I needed to love myself more, and to do that, 2018 made me realize my worth by knocking me down more times than I want to remind myself of. In doing that, I learned that I can get back up again.

I lost friends, but I made new ones. I laughed so hard that I cried, and cried so hard that it hurt. I learned that I am stronger than I could have imagined, but that I’m just a softie at heart. 2018 was the defining year of my life where I realized that I would stop at nothing to support my family and the year that has shaped me into the woman that I need to be for 2019.

It is a new year, but this is not a new me. I’m a stronger Cashe, a wiser Cashe and a kinder to Cashe, Cashé.

I am so excited about what 2019 has to offer. I am ready.

Happy New Year.


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