Real Talk

Are you a Bombshell?

Whether you are a demure, little lady or a vivacious vixen, one this is for sure – you’re perfect for pin-up. In case you missed it, I’m serious about women empowerment, which is precisely what I love about pin-up.


Over the years, I’ve been in (and then out and then in again) of the pin-up community, but no matter how brutal the breakup is, I always find my way back to where my heart feels whole.

Pinup in South Africa is a growing community, that offers big potential for women who want to feel like a million bucks in their own skin. That’s the one thing that I simply adore about pin-up, is how amazing I feel in my own skin – no matter what my size is.

My 9 to 5 involves pageants of the biggest kind, so I see what goes into a massive production and I respect the time and effort that goes into winning a pageant of that magnitude. I see how these competitions actually enrich the lives of young women – and I love it. I think that this is why I’m so passionate about encouraging women to enter pageants as well, and why I’m writing this post today.

tumblr_ov83y80o9M1v7l52oo1_500This year I will be unleashing my alter ego on the world again. This old school fox is a not-so-Stepford wife and a staunch advocate of women empowerment. I feel that it is time to take back our power as women, and if we need to take a step back into the ’50s to do so, then why the hell not?

Entries for the Miss Bombshell Betty pageant close on the 4th of February and you can bet your bottom dollar that I’m compiling my entry as we speak.

This would be my third pageant and I’m feeling really excited about it already. As a pageant Fundy, here are a few reasons why YOU should have entered already too.

  • Sisterhood – While not all sisters are created equally, 95% of the women you will meet will become life long friends. My besties are women that I met through the pin-up scene in South Africa and I cherish every friendship that has come from this beautiful and unique culture.
  • Self-Confidence – There is nothing quite like the feeling that you can take over the world in a swing skirt… and you absolutely can. I love how confident I feel when I’m dressed in full pin-up attire (which is almost every day) and feeling like a fox. Imagine channeling that on a stage while you’re in an exquisite dress?
  • Sexiness – Admit it, pin-ups are all babes and size has nothing to do with that either. You are guaranteed to step on that stage and feel like a million of the sexiest dollars around! Plus, there will be so many photo opportunities that you’re guaranteed to have a little portfolio after an afternoon.
  • Fun – it is a lot of fun. Nerve-wracking, but so much fun. You will laugh so much, your tummy will hurt, but man-oh-man, it’s fun!
  • Prizes – show me a woman who doesn’t love pretty things, and I’ll show you a robot.
Photo by Kitty Bee Photography

Bottom line is that if you are in South Africa, can get to Cape Town if you’re chosen – you should. The Miss Bombshell Betty pageant is one for the books and the first of its kind in South Africa. You’re basically writing history by entering.

Click on this link to enter and I can’t wait to see you on that stage!

I love hearing from you, so leave your thoughts in the comments below. Follow me on Facebook and Twitter for more real talk, snappy snaps and fun.

Until next time.





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