My 5 Fave Girl Power Podcasts

There is a new wave of podcasts taking over… well, our airwaves. Whether you are on your commute to work or just getting ready for the day, chances are that you are listening to a podcast. 

Podcasts have become the bite-size, audiobooks we need for a traffic jam. They are the words of wisdom that I have personally used for my own self-development and who I keep turning to for guidance.

I decided to share my current faves and who you should be listening to if you’re a podcast beginner.

5. Marie Forleo


Look, I first came across Marie Forleo on a Facebook ad that annoyed me so very much. It took me a whole year to actually listen to Marie, and now I don’t know how I lived without her.

Marie has not only released her first book, but the girl is hanging with Oprah! I mean, it’s a no-brainer to binge on the business-minded wisdom that Marie is serving and her topics are oh-so-relatable.

Fave Episode: 198: The Most Powerful Gratitude Practice 


4. Earn your Happy – Lori Harder

I still get really excited when I see a new Questionably Awesome episode on Earn your Happy. I discovered the Earn your Happy podcast during a really low point in my life and was actively seeking out happiness how-to on the internet.

Thank goodness for Lori, Waffles and Evans. Lori is full of the in-your-face truth you need from a bestie who really does have your back. You will smile, feel uncomfortable when Lori hits a nerve and you will be encouraged to kick your own butt into gear.

Fave Episode: 335: How do I Turn Off the Self-Sabotage and Forgive Procrastination

3. Goal Digger – Jenna Kutcher

dsc_0480Thanks to Lori Harder, I’ve discovered not one but two of my fave self-development divas! If you don’t know who Jenna Kutcher is yet, prepare to crush hard on the body-positivity preaching goal digger.

Starting off as a wedding photographer, Jenna has built her own empire and now gives ambitious women the business and life tips you need to thrive. I have used a lot of the lessons that Jenna shares to seriously take my own life to a new level.

Look, if you can make me cry (twice) while I’m stuck on Sandton drive and not because I’m in traffic, you’re winning!

Fave Episode: 209: Why a Money Mindset Matters

2. Pursuit with Purpose – Melyssa Griffin

It’s taken me a while to get into the Pursuit with Purpose podcast, just because I really like a very specific kind of message. Now that I am on Team Melyssa, I love sharing her podcast with everyone around me.

Another really great podcast that gives insight into real women, real issues and real ways to grow your life. I love how easily she interviews her guests and how captivating the message is that she shares.

Fave Episode: The Surprising Secrets of Being a Happier Person

1. Rise Podcast – Rachel Hollis

Are you even surprised that Rach is on my list? I’m probably the president of the Rachel Hollis fan club here in South Africa. Although the messages are somewhat religious, Rachel’s messages are so relevant and real for any woman of any age.


I have ugly cried listening to her podcast that I feel like we’re already besties. I love the story that she has to tell and the way she tells it. She’s not going to sugarcoat the truth bombs that she drops and that’s what makes her magical. If you aren’t listening to Rise Podcast, you should.

Fave Episode: ALL OF THEM! 

Your fave didn’t make the list? Comment below with your favorite podcasts of the moment. I love adding to my must-listen list and I’m dying to know your recommendations!






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