Hello August!

I can tell that I’m about to start my period because I threw an actual tantrum this morning and am currently eating Rice Crispies out of a mug. I’m recovering from torn ligaments in my left ankle and have just quit my dream job.

August is going to be wild!

I couldn’t fall asleep last night and planned this post out in my mind instead of counting sheep. Needless to say, I don’t remember anything that I’d planned on writing, but I know that my goals for August are abundantly clear… figure out life.

I keep thinking that we’re only halfway through 2019, but we’re already on the way down to December, that bikini body I’ve not come close to yet and figuring out my next move with my career.

I honestly couldn’t imagine a life without the company and brand that I worked for up until a few days ago. I spent 4-years of my life dedicated to building the brands of other women, I could honestly say that I loved every minute of what I did. Until I didn’t love it anymore – it happened quickly too, I fell out of love with the hustle that consumed 13 hours of each day, 6-days a week, 365 days a year. I hope you don’t think I’m kidding about the burnout of a social media manager, this is our reality – we suffer for our art.

The real reason why I decided to take the leap into the unknown turned 13-years old yesterday and what a trip that is for me. I’m a young mom, so I’m pretty used to stares of disbelief when people find out that Riley is my son.

This isn’t always a good thing for my own self, mom-judgement is harsh when you don’t fit in with the norm. I haven’t typically spoken much about my son or parenting because of how afraid I am of the judgement I get by moms who didn’t pop their first kid out at 20.

As a brand new solopreneur, my reading list for August includes South African podcast and Business Guru, Matt Brown’s Your Inner Game and Justin Cohen’s Pitch to Win. Best believe I’ll be reviewing both as well for the blog.
If you’re curious about book reviews I’ve done in the past, have a look here, here and here. That should tide you over until I finish my August reading.

What am I leaving out? It’s only taken all day to put these words together, but I’m glad that I did. I needed to share my thoughts and want to start doing it on the reg again!

I’ll be taking the rest of the day off – it’s 3:38 on a Friday and for the first time in 4-years, I think I’ll switch my phone off and let the world go on without me for a little while.

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Speak soon, friends!

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