Weight Loss Mistakes You’re Making

December holidays are coming and peeps are freaking out that they’re not bikini ready yet (I know I am). Going into your latest diet just might be to your detriment and here is why.

Ditching the winter weight often comes down to the simple formula of burning more calories that you take in. Easy peasy, right? Eat less and move more, but anyone who has tried this approach for weight loss will know that it is a lot harder than you think. Here is the thing about weight loss, you’re going to bump your head along the way. On your way to a slimmer waist, it is almost certain that you’re going to mess up. Worse still is that most of the time we don’t even realize that we are doing it.

I compiled the top whoopsies that we are all guilty of when trying to shed fat.

Overdoing the protein treats


Protein is essential for a well-balanced diet, but when you over do it, the excess is stored as fat. Even when we are following a strict diet, we tend to grab high-protein shakes and bars as the treat we long for, but these aren’t as guilt-free as we think. These bars are sugary and loaded with extras to get them tasting as tummy as they do, so it pays to be picky when choosing your protein snack.
Rather opt for a fresh alternative when the need for a snack strikes like nuts, seeds or fresh fruit. These natural alternatives are perfect for quelling the mid-afternoon craving without the guilt.

Skimping on the veg

I cannot emphasise the importance of having your recommended 2.5 cups of fresh veg each day. Yes, you should be eating vegetables with each meal to get the recommended burst of nutritious goodness into your diet. Sometimes, something as simple as adding tomato to your breakfast, or an extra cup of greens to your dinner makes all the difference.
I like to eat all of the colours of the rainbow, so make sure you stock up of vegetables that add colour to your plate too.

Rushing your weight-loss


Rome wasn’t built in a day and weight isn’t lost overnight. A lot of people drop quite a few kilograms in the first few weeks of their program, but that is water weight and cutting out carbs. It is known as an artificially high-drop which peters out eventually. Once the initial bulk of your weight is off, your weight loss will slow down, but don’t be despondent – it is part of the process.
Don’t climb off the wagon entirely, or assume that you need to starve yourself for results. You haven’t stopped losing weight and you don’t need to resort to drastic measures to lose weight again, just trust the process.

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Until next time.


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