Dear South Africans, Stay At Home

Social media is going to be the death of me. I can’t believe that I had to rage type this, but here we are.

Dear South Africa,

Do you realise that this lockdown is for YOUR health and safety?

So many people are whining that you can’t buy smokes or alcohol. People running to flood shops with more potential causes of the Coronavirus. Upset because you have to stay at home for YOUR OWN safety?

Are you all on drugs? Is that what this is? Drugs?

If you feel triggered, it’s probably because you should be. But hold on, buttercup – I’m not done with you yet.

Stop complaining while you enjoy the privilege of enough money to stockpile cigarettes and toilet paper.
Stop wearing those stupid, fucking masks in public – that is not how this works and actual professionals need them more.
Gloves don’t help either, yo.
Wash your hands and stay at home, literally ALL you had to do to stop COVID 19 from spreading.

But it is a rich mans virus until it hits informal settlements – then, then it is “ai shame“, né?
“But I haven’t traveled, I won’t get it” – but just like Uber Eats, Coronavirus will come to your doorstep.
It isn’t politely waiting for Lockdown to be in effect before spreading to more people – Coronavirus doesn’t give a shit about your 5-second rule.

While you post your kak statuses about how shit it is to be home with the kids for 21-days. How Rampaphosa promised stocked shelves when you are clearing them of Nescafe GOLD and Mrs. Balls before they can be replenished.
Bitching about a police state and the extreme measure in place, when all you had to do was social distance yourself to stop the spread of a virus and wash your hands.

I’m really sorry that a global pandemic is ruining your sudden need to jog and walk your dogs.
Suddenly, absent fathers want to rekindle relationships with their kids in person.
I see you trying to flog your overpriced hand sanitizer before the government fucks you over with a lockdown.
Trying to hoard everything you can so that YOU are fed and fine when THOUSANDS are stranded because they aren’t paid enough, or in time to buy their meagre essentials.

I’m sorry that so many of you will learn how to clean your homes or cook your own meals while your domestic help is at home. Have you asked her how she’s doing lately? How are her children, what are their names again?

I’m also sorry that they work for someone who needed to ask stranger on the internet if they should still pay “her” during the lockdown! I’m even more sorry that so many said “No”.

I’m sorry that there are medical professionals who are so desperate for surgical masks that they are begging for help. But suddenly the okes selling stock are blind to these posts.
The same oke who has stock and is posting on all the I Love {suburbs} groups that he is selling. <–this one I am really sorry about.

Honestly, I can go on and on, but my hands are raw from having to wash them 5 000 times a day because you couldn’t follow instructions.

In a time of crisis, the absolute worst in people is revealed and I’m really ashamed that some of these people were ever in my friends list to begin with.

Stop complaining.
Stop being a shit person.
Stay at home.
Don’t Cash me outside, how ’bout dat?

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