Ice Cream for Breakfast? Yes Please!

I wanted ice-cream for breakfast, but didn’t want the calories that came with that so I made fresh Nice Cream instead. Does it deserve a blog post? Hell yes it does!

As a vegan, it’s so easy to assume that eating for weight loss has to follow a “conventional diet” where carbs are evil and fruit is a monster.

I’m definitely no nutritionist, but I am no stranger around a bit of reading material and finding the food fit that helps me heal from a lifetime of debilitating disordered eating. 

You might know that I’m currently overcoming binge eating disorder and that my relationship with food is a testy one. Finding food that is not only nutritious, but won’t send me spiraling down a rabbit hole of binge and purge guilt.

So, while it is early days, I am on a path of nourishment and sustainable weight loss that isn’t going to trigger an episode. 
Oh wow, I just became the vegan recipe meme of telling my life story before giving you a recipe.

Well, if you’re still here – you’re about to get the breakfast recipe to kick any blue morning’s butt.

You’ll need:

1x Frozen Banana

1x Frozen Pineapple Slice

1 cup unsweetened Soy Milk

1 scoop USN Vanilla & Cinnamon Vegan Protein Powder

30g of Oats 

1tbsp Chia Seeds

This Nice Cream base is perfect for any flavour additions your heart desires. It’s tasty enough to enjoy on it’s own and versatile enough to let your flavour flag fly!

Cook your oats and chia seeds, this is the base of your breakfast. 
While that is cooking, blend your fruit, milk and protein powder to make your nice cream.
Top the oats with your smoothie mixture and garnish with seeds, nuts and cocoa nibs.

Enjoy a hearty breakfast that really is of champions! 

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