Mental Health Check-In | It’s okay not to be okay

I am not okay today.

The trouble with a global pandemic is being surrounded by misery, negativity and confusion that we find as soon as we pick up our devices.

Thing is, we can’t avoid our devices to stay connected while we’re separated.
People are afraid, they are relying on the same strong friends who could help them before the COVID_19 outbreak. I’ve got some hard news for you though, they aren’t designed for this disaster either.

Here is the thing, I’m in no way saying that we (I) won’t be there for my friends and family when they need it, but I am saying today it is a little difficult for some (me).

I’m overwhelmed emotionally, physically exhausted by the constant wave of information we are consuming and anxious for so many of us.

So as for today, I’m not okay.
Today, I am angry.
I am sad at the state of humanity when I see the selfishness of people in shops.
Today, I am tired of seeing numbers and panic and pain.
Today, I’m just a little defeated by the world.

But, the beautiful thing about days like today is that they are not forever.

This feeling isn’t always going to weigh heavy on my chest, while I’m putting on a brave face for my family.

It isn’t going to keep me questioning my place in this world or have me taking anything personally.

I know that tomorrow will be a new day, the sun will rise and the birds will sing. I will be able to lend my shoulders out to those who need them and I will have a smile and word of encouragement for those feeling lost.

As for today…

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