When The Hype Girl Loses Her Hype

When the hype girl lost her hype.

Guys, I’m going to be real with you here – I’ve had a rough few days.

We’ve been in lockdown for what feels like 6044 days and living in an apartment is getting a little tight around the gills for us.

I’ve tried to stick with my routine, been diligent with my mindfulness, but I am taking strain and I’m taking it out on myself.

Since the weekend, I have been ruthless with my inner monologue.

The insults I’ve hurled at myself and the way I’ve broken my own self down is unacceptable. I know this because I’m the girl who will definitely call you out for doing the same thing. I know it’s wrong and untrue because none of the things I tell myself is true.
I’m not lazy for needing a time out.
I’m not a mess for having to sob on Saturday instead of spring clean.
I’m not a failure for not having read all the books I’d hoped to read during Lockdown.
I am definitely not a slob for skipping a day of training because I’m physically exhausted.

Being so hard on yourself isn’t a motivation.

It isn’t tough love or any of the other harsh self-development hacks we pretend they are.

It’s hurtful.

That’s it – it is hurtful and harming your soul. Your soul believes everything you tell it without question.

So be careful with the words you choose when you speak to yourself.

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