At Peace with the Pantry

I know its tempting to want overnight results, you know your girl is front and center of the “quick fix” expectations.

But those never last, I mean, I KNOW they don’t last. The more extreme the fad, the less sustainable the results (you’ll always have the selfies).
But for reals, if you can’t stick with it, it doesn’t matter how amazing your results are if you can’t keep them.

Photo by Trang Doan on Pexels.com

Besides, it’s usually just a breeding ground for disordered eating patterns and self-loathing. I see my fellow binge eaters fighting the guilt and shame that comes from something you don’t know how to control. I don’t know how to control this yet either, and best believe that “can’t you just stop?” isn’t it.
But man, I am trying so hard that it’s nearly painful to be me RN. ⁣
I want… no, I need to focus on creating healthy habits that I can stick with in the long run.

I need to wake up early. Meditate and drink my damn water! Move with meaning 45 minutes everyday, and be really grateful for the body that can move freely.

I really, REALLY need to eat clean, whole foods that fuel me. But above all, I need to be at peace with the pantry.

I know you have hiccups too, you’ve probably said something awful about yourself today and already have a lingering insult waiting for your next wave of internal inadequacy to strike.

I’m with you, girl. But, if we don’t remind each other to be kind to ourselves, who else will?

So, take it easy on yourself. A weight-loss journey isn’t always about the destination when your stay there is so short lived. The results will come if you just trust the process.

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