Darrenwood Guest House Solo Vacation Review

Run by Walter and his son, Patrick, Darrenwood Guest House is a charming little gem in the heart of the ‘burbs.

When I initially booked my stay, I wanted nothing more than a bath to soak in and kitchenette to store my wine. What I got what next level lush that I wasn’t ready for. Soaking up the Springs rays of the first real warm days of September on a quiet patio was absolutely bliss.

Surrounded by the sweet lull of birds and the playful huffs of the resident Collies was the only soundtrack I wanted for my weekend. Including a full English breakfast, the pups really enjoyed the bacon I tossed their way, while I enjoyed the stories Walter told of him and his wife moving to South Africa from Switzerland over 40 years ago.

I felt welcome, safe and truly grateful for to be the first guest to visit Darrenwood Guest House since COVID_19 shut everything down.

The weirdest concept this weekend seems to be a wife and mom taking a break from the world. I genuinely have had a few people comment on me booking a solo weekend away to reset. I mean, I drove 20 minutes out of JHB to the burbs for this.
Sure, I could read at home but you don’t stop adulting in your own home. I will guaranteed get up and clean house or work on a DIY project I have in mind.

But while I’m here, I’m totally free to do nothing, nada…zip, zero.

I didn’t sleep in, but I had a nap.

I didn’t make my own breakfast, but definitely had more wine than I should have for lunch.

Lockdown has been hard on all of us, so if you needed a reason to prioritize you for a minute, feel free to blame COVID_19.

If you are after a getaway for yourself, an evening away for you and Bae or just coming through JHB, I highly suggest you visit Darrenwood.

This is not sponsored, but I would absolutely love to visit them again when the call for a solo staycation arises again.

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