Midlands Meander at BrambleBerry Country Lodge

Just a 5 hour drive outside of JHB, you find yourself in the land that time almost forgot. Tucked away in the heart of what should be Inland of Durban, you’d be forgiven for thinking you weren’t anywhere near KZN.
This beautiful region is filled with stretches of farmland, charming little towns and the kind of village atmosphere we last truly experienced when we lived in Wilderness along the Garden Route. We spent 4 blissful days hidden away from the work on a Country Lodge called BrambleBerry.

Upon arrival, you can expect the quaint comforts of home, if your home was tucked in a lush forest in the middle of nowhere.
Be warned, the signal there is nearly non-existent, which is exactly what I love most about this place.

Bordering the dam, you wake up to the sound of ducks swimming and trout jumping at their breakfast. On one particularly eventful day, we spotted a Green Natal Snake slithering without a care to get a drink of water.

Not something you see every day, amirite?

We were treated to the most perfect weather while we were there. Sunny and hot with just enough of a breeze to keep us from pulling our hair out. The lodge boasts beautiful scenery for walks, which is exactly what we then decided to embark (before I promptly misstepped and twisted my ankle). Across from the cabins, you’re greeted by the impressive size of the forest. This is where Paul and I decided to go wandering for morning meditation and to get a few steps in.

Although it might not seem like it, Riley was there too. But like most 14-year-olds, he was only too happy that there was DSTv and his trusty stash of downloaded series that he could binge on while we lavished in the wilderness.
That being said, we did spend a lot of time talking to each other and really enjoying each others company.

Our final evening was probably the most perfect end to our break imaginable. It rained most of the day, so we could take advantage of the fireplace inside the cabin. I could have stayed longer, and will probably visit BrambleBerry regularly from here on out.

If I could recommend anywhere to take a timeout from the city, it would be here.

Things To Remember

Each cabin is self-catering, so bring food along with you.
You can cook with the water, but you can’t drink it so be sure to bring a few 5l bottles along too.
There is minimal signal – don’t come to BrambleBerry on a work trip if being connected is necessary.
The Meander is HUGE and a post for another day.
There will be creepy crawlies, you’re out in the woods.
Take a book, comfy pants and prepare to bliss the eff out.

Book your stay through the owners, visit BrambleBerry for your next vacay.

This was not a sponsored post, I just really loved my stay so very much!

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