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A fun guide to being tattooed

I’ve been trying to incorporate more of my life into the Fit Kidd, and I was thinking how to do just that. Then it hit me, why don’t I blog about tattoos? Continue reading “A fun guide to being tattooed”

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Vampire Diaries binging and moving on

I feel like the only way that I can adequately start this post is to tell you that I’m way late to the party. I only discovered the be-still-my-beating-heart teen drama late last year. A little perspective for you, the show first aired in 2009 – I have clothes older than this series.

*WARNING* This post contains spoilers.

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Does sex count as cardio?

Admit it, you’ve thought about this before. Maybe you’ve even spoken about it during book club (AKA wine night)? That’s okay, because I have and it has bugged me so much that I did some serious research into it.

Seriously though, it’s for science.

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How our weight loss ideas differ…

This post is for everyone who is wanting to take control of their lives and health but couldn’t be bothered to put in the hard work.  Read on if you dare…  Continue reading “How our weight loss ideas differ…”

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Pin-up Pageants and Sisterhood

I have been a very bad girl.  No, not in a sassy kind of way, just plain bad.  I’ll explain myself in a minute, so get ready to bring out your best urgh face and continue reading…

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Stupid things people say to Fit Girls

I am late with this post! I wanted to post it last week already, but that turned into an “I’ll do it tomorrow” post, which now became almost a week later.  I keep trying to post regularly, but I’ve found that writing about what I want to write about is a bit challenging.  I’m a writer, which means that I spend a lot of time writing what clients are paying me to write.  I’m not complaining, because I love my job! But, it does limit the me time for my posts.  Continue reading “Stupid things people say to Fit Girls”

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Things You Learn When You Stop Smoking

It has been nine whole days since I stopped smoking entirely.  Nine. Whole. Days.  What this means is that I am now entitled to be that pretentious non-smoker that everyone complains about.  I am kidding… obvs… but what it has taught me is that I am so much stronger than I thought I was, and so damn stupid for starting to smoke to begin with.  Here is what I have learned out of this experience.  Continue reading “Things You Learn When You Stop Smoking”