Social Media Consultant

Cashe is a Social Media Speaker and Consultant who is passionate about helping businesses understand and leverage the power of social media to actually grow their business.  Cashe is the brains behind some really great social media campaigns and would love to tell you all about it. For the past 7-years, Cashe has used her love of writing, passion for creating and hunger for knowledge to carve a career in social media management.

She is the founder of Lipstick and Life Lessons Social Media 101, an online learning program for making the most of your social media presence.  Cashe’s proven ability to make social media marketing easy to understand and implement has directly impacted the bottom line of large South African brands through her social media management, guidance, and one-on-one consulting.

She is also a fan of talking about herself in the third person.

Her attention to detail and strong ability to organize effectively give her a bit of an edge – especially when staying cool under pressure.

Being part of a highly scrutinized brand has given her the tools needed to cope when there is a crisis, it has also given her the freedom to flex my creative muscle and grow as a content creator and social media manager.

Sound like the unicorn of your social media dreams? Let’s work together!