Let’s Talk Binge Eating Disorder

This post has been sitting in the depth of my mind for the longest time. It's the kind of post that you are ashamed to have to write, but one I really need to get out into the open. A post that I realized needed to be written when I found myself hovering over a… Continue reading Let’s Talk Binge Eating Disorder

Fliping the switch

The other day I was talking to a dear friend of mine who has asked me to help with her weight loss journey. After she sent through her before photos, she launched into a tirade of negative comments about herself and her body and it made me sad. The familiarity of her self-loathing ticks so many… Continue reading Fliping the switch

How to get back on the wagon

Guys, it sucks. I know because I have been there so many times too! But, you can stay on the ground, timidly pining for the wagon to come back and fetch you - or you can get up and chase after it yourself. Here are a few ways to do just that.Let's face it, every… Continue reading How to get back on the wagon

Getting personal with Miss Hart

I'm on the front lines, asking the hard questions. Using the liquid liner after doing arms and shamelessly checking for lipstick on my teeth. I'm basically a hero. Basically. I cornered pin-up girl, Miss Hart and asked her the questions we all want to ask (and then some I wanted to ask).  Miss Hart is… Continue reading Getting personal with Miss Hart

Day Tripping – The Colonial Days of Hekpoort Heksie

I'm late with this review - two weeks late to be exact, but I still can't help but think about our little adventure so I have to write it now. As usual, Riley wasn't keen on our day tripping drive out into the unknown. We like to just get into the car and drive out… Continue reading Day Tripping – The Colonial Days of Hekpoort Heksie

5 ways to make fitness your thing

A lot of people start out on their fitness journeys thinking that the only way to go is on a treadmill. Unless you actually like to run on a treadmill, please don't. The quickest way to turn getting fit into a chore is to do something that you really, REALLY don't want to do. So,… Continue reading 5 ways to make fitness your thing

Day Tripping – Angela’s Picnic, Pin Ups and Revelations

I can’t always be the voice of constant positivity and motivation, sometimes I’m allowed to be a little exposed – after all, what is the point of trying to inspire and uplift others if you lie about yourself most of the time?

Why you aren’t losing weight…

It's annoying, isn't it? This following the rules to the letter and nothing happens on the scale. Nothing. I know how awful that feels because I've been feeling it. Worse yet, I'm 51 days away from Rossi and I have gained weight. WFT Cashé? Why is that? What cruel trick is your body playing on you… Continue reading Why you aren’t losing weight…

Dear “live a little-ers”

  Are open letters still a thing?  No? Oh well. Dear person who doesn’t understand, I get it, not everyone will understand why a person will go through the things they do just to look good.  I mean, let’s think about what I could possibly gain out of eating 5-times a day and working out… Continue reading Dear “live a little-ers”