Real Talk

Fliping the switch

The other day I was talking to a dear friend of mine who has asked me to help with her weight loss journey. After she sent through her before photos, she launched into a tirade of negative comments about herself and her body and it made me sad. The familiarity of her self-loathing ticks so many boxes that we all have and it made me want to flip the negativity off-switch.

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Good carb/Bad carb

What are carbs anyway?

Carbohydrates are your body’s – and brain’s – primary source of energy, and are a crucial part of healthy eating habits. You shouldn’t be cutting carbs out of your diet altogether, but knowing which carbs are good for you and which are bad is important for weight loss.

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Real Talk

Why can’t we be proud of our hard work?

The body positivity movement is something that can only be described as liberating, exhilarating and damaging. Yes, you read that last one correctly and I am already preparing my butt for the backlash this post is going to get.

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How to get back on the wagon

Guys, it sucks. I know because I have been there so many times too! But, you can stay on the ground, timidly pining for the wagon to come back and fetch you – or you can get up and chase after it yourself. Here are a few ways to do just that. Continue reading “How to get back on the wagon”

Dear Diary

What to do before it’s over

This year is a day away from being at the halfway mark. Also, I realized that I sound just like my granny when I typed that line out. But when you pass a certain age, you realize how quickly years go by (possibly because it’s all downhill from here for over 30 year old’s – I’m kidding – obvs!).

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How to stay motivated in the winter

It’s getting colder in the morning, it’s basically still midnight when my alarm clock goes off at 6am now and I am longingly longing for comfort food. Winter is pretty much clawing her way into our peep-toe pumps and there is nothing we can do about it.

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