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Is this what responsibility feels like?

I am 100% certain that if you scroll through your timeline right now, you’ll find at least one meme about how hard life is. Someone thinks that life sucks, they’re disappointed, sad, etc. and they’re sharing that with their social media followers.

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Fit Kidd iJump Adventures

I’m pretty certain that you’ve come across the iJump revolution that is the leading reason for so many pairs of those yellow socks in your home. Our home hasn’t been spared and I’m pretty pleased about it. Continue reading “Fit Kidd iJump Adventures”


Tightening the apron strings

Since Riley was born, I’ve been very careful with how I keep an eye on him. I’ve been so obsessed with privacy and safety that some people on Facebook didn’t even know I had a kid. I’m serious about that one too.  Continue reading “Tightening the apron strings”

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I’m the mom of a big kid now

In case you missed it, the 2016 school year has officially finished in South Africa and parents all over the show are bursting. PC and I are absolutely no exception, R did so very well this year and it is a big deal! Continue reading “I’m the mom of a big kid now”

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Does sex count as cardio?

Admit it, you’ve thought about this before. Maybe you’ve even spoken about it during book club (AKA wine night)? That’s okay, because I have and it has bugged me so much that I did some serious research into it.

Seriously though, it’s for science.

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Gift Guide

Yes, it’s that time of the year again where every blogger on the face of the earth is preparing their Christmas season wish list.  I shouldn’t be too harsh, these guides are ideal for decoding what to get those nearest and dearest to you.  Heaven knows that I use guides like this on the reg too for my boys and their unique needs.   Continue reading “Gift Guide”