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5 ways to make fitness your thing

A lot of people start out on their fitness journeys thinking that the only way to go is on a treadmill. Unless you actually like to run on a treadmill, please don’t. The quickest way to turn getting fit into a chore is to do something that you really, REALLY don’t want to do.

So, to save you from throwing in the sweat towel, here are 5-tips to make finding your fitness niche easy!

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Five of the Best – The top 5 fitness apps

Not everyone can afford to spend thousands of Personal Trainers, but a lot of us want to start somewhere and turn to the one device that we all have.  Our smartphones.  I’ve played around with a few online training apps and have found five of the best free fitness apps to get your sweat on!  Continue reading “Five of the Best – The top 5 fitness apps”