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Your ‘diet’ is making you fat

You've been sipping on your cabbage soup for an hour already, licking your arm for some salt and sniffing a cup of coffee. You feel like you've been eating nothing for so long that Victoria's Secret is going to make you their next Angel. So why isn't it working? I cringe to my toes when women… Continue reading Your ‘diet’ is making you fat

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I’m the mom of a big kid now

In case you missed it, the 2016 school year has officially finished in South Africa and parents all over the show are bursting. PC and I are absolutely no exception, R did so very well this year and it is a big deal! At the beginning of this year, we were one of the countless… Continue reading I’m the mom of a big kid now

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Soup to see me through highveld winters

Is highveld one word or two? What is highveld you ask? Well, it's what people over 30 call JHB thanks to a radio show - maybe that's because of where it is located geographically, probably the latter. So, I became the ultimate adult recently when I made a pot of (surprisingly) good vegetable soup. I'm… Continue reading Soup to see me through highveld winters