Easy weight-loss switches

Achieving health goals doesn't have to be a challenge, just like losing weight doesn't mean you need to spend a fortune on magic pills or gimmicks. Sometimes the most basic everyday change can have a huge impact on your health and waistline. Tip 1. Switch out your carbs Refined, processed carbs are always on the wrong… Continue reading Easy weight-loss switches

How to get back on the wagon

Guys, it sucks. I know because I have been there so many times too! But, you can stay on the ground, timidly pining for the wagon to come back and fetch you - or you can get up and chase after it yourself. Here are a few ways to do just that.Let's face it, every… Continue reading How to get back on the wagon

Bettie gets personal with – Mandy M Pinup

I had the opportunity to chat to a founding Bella and fashionista extrodinaire, Mandy M Pinup. Here is how that went down. Mandy M Pin-up is just a small part of your expansive reach within the pin-up community in South Africa. Can you tell us more about how you discovered your love for pin up… Continue reading Bettie gets personal with – Mandy M Pinup

What to do before it’s over

This year is a day away from being at the halfway mark. Also, I realized that I sound just like my granny when I typed that line out. But when you pass a certain age, you realize how quickly years go by (possibly because it's all downhill from here for over 30 year old's -… Continue reading What to do before it’s over

How to stay motivated in the winter

It’s getting colder in the morning, it’s basically still midnight when my alarm clock goes off at 6am now and I am longingly longing for comfort food. Winter is pretty much clawing her way into our peep-toe pumps and there is nothing we can do about it. For some of us, colder weather means the end… Continue reading How to stay motivated in the winter

Day Tripping – Angela’s Picnic, Pin Ups and Revelations

I can’t always be the voice of constant positivity and motivation, sometimes I’m allowed to be a little exposed – after all, what is the point of trying to inspire and uplift others if you lie about yourself most of the time?

Find your Happy!

I don't just sprout stuff to make you guys feel inspired, I genuinely understand the challenges that weight loss journeys bring.  I posted this in my group and thought I would share it here too. I really do understand where people are in their journey's because I have been on the same path that you… Continue reading Find your Happy!

You are your own worst enemy…

On any kind of journey, be it fitness, weight loss, self discovery, you name it, we're faced with obstacles.  One of the biggest obstacles that I see on a regular basis - not only in myself, but in everyone who I come across - is the trouble of excuses. The trouble with excuses is that… Continue reading You are your own worst enemy…