Vegan Carrot Cake Smoothie Bowl

Breakfast of champions when you're feeling iffy? Carrot Cake Smoothie Bowl, obvs! I'm trying really hard to be mindful of what I'm eating during Lockdown. Already struggling with disordered eating patterns, it's been very easy for me to resort to old binging habits to cope with my current situation. I recognize this and am being… Continue reading Vegan Carrot Cake Smoothie Bowl


Simple Vegan French Toast

Well, winter has clearly decided to arrive in Johannesburg and it's brought an insatiable craving for all baked goodies with her. That last part may just be an excuse for me to play in the kitchen during Lockdown, but no one is complaining in my home. After seeing the Banana Bread porn posted all over… Continue reading Simple Vegan French Toast


Vegan Rainy Day Flapjacks

Possibly the best thing to happen during Lockdown is my overwhelming need to bake again. I mean, skinny jeans are overrated anyway - amirite? So in between smushing my hair up into yet another messy bun and contemplating washing the walls again, I've refined a flapjack recipe to make your fitness coach cry.It's simple to… Continue reading Vegan Rainy Day Flapjacks